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I'm Samlansky Jean Pierre and I'm a

I work on building and maintaining a variety of client sites during the day, and at night I do some freelance work on the side taking on my clients' sites (made in a variety of site builders/platforms), giving them a design-focused revamp, and adding some custom features and functionality to make them shine! I've always been drawn to both the creative and analytical side of development, so I'm so thankful to be able to do both with the foundation I built during bootcamp.

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My creative skills & experiences.

Hard-working web developer with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the least amount of time. Developed an ecommerce webapp, customer web portal, documentary launch website, and donations webapp for a local charity. Passionate about software architecture and cloud computing. Regular attendee of web developer meetups and hackathons.

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HTML 90%
CSS 60%
JavaScript 30%
PHP 50%
MySQL 50%

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When you think of excellent website design, you probably think about the homepage, blog, or product pages. But what about a website's Contact Us page?

Samlansky Jean Pierre
Burnaby, BC
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